Medical cannabis cultivation: could Germany be the next Canada or Netherlands?

The number of Germans receiving a prescription for medical cannabis has increased tenfold since before March this year
The Local (Germany)
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Despite the implementation of the legalization of medical marijuana in Germany in March, patients have been met with high prices, supply shortages and persistent taboos. The new law mandates that insurance companies cover the costs of upwards of 100 grams of the flower per month for chronically and terminally ill patients. But instead, more hurdles arose. Now some patients are waiting up to a few months to get their hands on the drug, imported at even higher prices from established markets in Canada and the Netherlands. Many doctors are wary of divvying out prescriptions for the stigmatized substance, and insurance companies are reluctant to pay. Home-grown, meanwhile, became strictly forbidden. Could domestic growing possibilities help?