Cannabis cafés and self-growing: Czechia presents draft of new marijuana law

Under new plans, Czechia plans to liberalize aspects of cannabis growth and use, but has omitted previous plans to regulate the domestic cannabis market
Expats / ČTK (Czech Republic)
Thursday, January 11, 2024

czech cannabis flag2The Czech government presented a draft of a cannabis regulation bill that, does not include the previously envisioned regulated cannabis market. The Pirates party, which has traditionally been a strong advocate of cannabis legalization, stated that the text was a "compromise version" and they plan to negotiate additions. The proposed bill includes rules for legal cultivation, operation of cannabis clubs, licensed sales and exports, and taxation. It also sets restrictions on production and sales, and proposes registration of users, small growers, and cannabis clubs. Although there was consensus on certain points, there is still a political debate about cannabis clubs. The Pirates want to discuss an extension of the bill to allow for a pilot testing of a regulated market.