Is the world running out of Ayahausca?

It takes about five years for the vine to mature enough to be used for ayahuasca
EntheoNation (US)
Monday, January 18, 2021

ayahuasca vineAfter years of increasing numbers of retreat centers and ayahuasca processing facilities opened, reports are starting to surface disclosing the apparent scarcity of harvestable ayahuasca vine in the Iquitos wilderness. A cry of alarm resounded throughout the online psychedelic communities with the publication of an article “We Are Harvesting the Ayahuasca Vine at an Alarming Rate” written by Carlos Suárez Álvarez, which discussed the “excessive” levels of vine harvesting due to increasing global demand. The article claims in foreboding language: “Over-harvesting ayahuasca is putting the sustainability of the medicine, the communities, and several branches of industry in question.”