So, what's the deal with Mexico's cannabis legalization delay?

The cannabis situation in Mexico is extremely complicated thanks to political egos, the long-term impact of drug prohibition, and unprecedented decisions made by the Supreme Court
Merry Jane (US)
Thursday, May 13, 2021

mexico senado descriminlizacionA month ago, Mexican marijuana legalization seemed like a done deal. The bill was approved by the Senate last November, but greatly modified by the Chamber of Deputies, causing senators to have to give the proposed legislation a final approval before sending it to the president. The legalization bill moved through two Senate committees. But then, Monreal said they would ask the high court for more time, meaning the bill would be halted until the next legislative sessions in September. But, senators never officially asked for a deadline extension, or prórroga, which shows a pointed lack of concern for an issue in a country where cannabis users are extorted daily by law enforcement, despite the decriminalization of small-scale possession.