Scotland's drug deaths: Consumption room pilot on track despite warning over legal barriers

Work is going on with reference to a pilot for a safer drug consumption facility in Glasgow
The Herald (UK)
Wednesday, February 2, 2022

uk dcr van glasgowThe new chair of the SNP’s drug deaths taskforce is confident legal barriers to setting up drug consumption rooms can be overcome as he insisted the facilities would not be a “free-for-all" or be a magnet for drug dealers after fears raised by a UK minister. David Strang was speaking in response to UK Government Home Office and Justice Minister, Kit Malthouse, who told MSPs to stop focusing on drug consumption rooms being set up, appealing for a focus on better treatment options instead of “wrestling with these legal and practical difficulties”. The Scottish Government is determined to allow safe consumption facilities to operate, despite the UK Government holding the legal powers to allow the policy to be implemented.