Ganja lobby turns heat on Gov’t in defence of small farmers

The 2015 passage of legislation had spurred “enthusiastic expectation for an inclusive ganja industry to be built from the ground up”, but that sentiment has given way to a sense of betrayal
The Gleaner (Jamaica)
Friday, February 25, 2022

The Ganja Growers and Producers Association Jamaica (GGPAJ) has called for an immediate two-year incentive programme for marijuana cultivators, especially for small, traditional, Rastafarian and indigenous farmers, many of whom have been excluded from the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA)-regulated industry. Richard Crawford, president of the GGPAJ, made the call at the seventh anniversary of the approval of the Dangerous Drugs Amendment Act. "It is is socially, morally, culturally and economically wrong that those persons constituting the small and traditional ganja cultivators.. who were hounded, beaten, prosecuted, arrested, convicted, criminalised for growing ganja.. are being left behind."