Cannabis cultivation in Greece was legal until 1936

Ancient Greeks cultivated hemp and used it as a raw material for the manufacture of canvas, rope and fabrics of all kinds, and also for healing purposes to induce a feeling of euphoria
Greek Reporter (Greece)
Monday, May 24, 2021

greece cannabis demoThe cultivation of cannabis in Greece for pharmaceutical purposes is now legal, as it was legal until 1936, the year it was prohibited. Even though the cannabis plant is used for the manufacturing of canvas, fabrics, rope and so on, the plant has long been associated with its use as a recreational drug. The cultivation and processing of cannabis for medicinal purposes became legal again in March of 2018, when a Parliamentary majority voted in favor of the new bill. Eighty-two years after the prohibition of hemp cultivation in Greece, the plant can grow once again on Greek soil, offering new opportunities for growth in Greek agriculture. (See also: Medical cannabis to be sold at pharmacies in Greece)