Now you can legally buy recreational cannabis in New York

The first legal sale of recreational weed took place in a dispensary in Manhattan, just meeting the state’s deadline to open a store in 2022
The New York Times (US)
Thursday, December 29, 2022

us ny liberty statueKenneth Woodin, a stay-at-home dad, was first in line at the cannabis dispensary in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. He said he wanted to be a part of history after having been arrested on a weed charge in Houston, where he previously lived. When he finally got inside, after a more than four-hour wait, he bought two bags, each containing an eighth of an ounce of smokable flower called Gorilla Glue for about $90. It was the kind of transaction that used to take place out of sight. But Mr. Woodin’s purchase on Thursday was made on the first day of licensed sales of recreational cannabis since the state legalized them last year. “This is a part of history,” Mr. Woodin, 33, said. “I don’t want to feel like being a criminal anymore.” (See also: New York’s first legal dispensary for recreational marijuana opens doors)