What's the deal with those ‘Dispenseroo’ weed adverts across London?

An illegal weed business in the UK which stuck hundreds of unauthorised adverts on London’s Tube trains tells VICE World News it is now selling £50,000 worth of cannabis products a week
Vice (UK)
Thursday, September 15, 2022

dispenserooCannabis dealers who stuck hundreds of unauthorised adverts on London's Tube trains say they are now swamped with orders and have more guerrilla marketing tactics up their sleeve. Dispenseroo, a cannabis selling start-up which mimics the branding of online food delivery giant Deliveroo, said over the last three weeks it had put up 2,500 adverts on London Underground trains. The posters, which were clipped or glued into advert panels by 10 workers employed via job site Gumtree, said: “Do you love 🍃? Use code ‘tube’ for £5 off,” alongside the Dispenseroo hashtag. Transport for London confirmed the posters were unauthorised and said it was removing any found on the network.