Cannabis associations will need to have salaries approved by regulator

ARUC boss Leonid McKay insists regulator will enforce not-for-profit model
Times of Malta (Malta)
Saturday, February 18, 2023

cannabis buds jarSalaries paid out by cannabis associations will have to be approved by the regulator to ensure they are in line with market rates, ARUC boss Leonid McKay has said. The Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis CEO said that the measure would be included in a legal framework that not-for-profit associations would need to adhere to and was intended to dissuade applicants seeking to turn their associations into money-making ventures. ARUC will be assessing salaries against comparable ones within the voluntary sector and any association that tries to game the system by paying out ridiculous salaries will have its licence revoked, he said. (See also: Smoking ban at cannabis clubs should be lifted, new authority head Leonid McKay urges)