Case for decriminalising cannabis use in India

New research study by Vidhi shows that not only does drug prohibition have its roots in racist American policies but that it only victimises the marginalised with no real impact on reduction in drug usage
Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy (India)
Thursday, August 20, 2020

india bhang shopCriminalising cannabis use in India has been a much-debated topic. Vidhi’s new research study shows that it has had little impact on reduction of drug use and has instead ended up pushing the poorest sections of society into a crumbling criminal justice system. Moreover, cannabis criminalisation has its roots in racist American policies, which are in direct contrast to the culturally accepted use of cannabis in India dating back to the Vedic age. Cannabis use in India has been recorded to have started as early as 5000-4000 BC. The use of cannabis in Ayurveda, in construction and as a fibre made it one of the most commonly used plants in India. Use of cannabis for its psychoactive properties was and continues to be widely prevalent.