Too much ‘dilly dallying’ around ganja issue, says minister

No public official should be allowed to stand in the way of the industry’s careful development
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Friday, April 21, 2017

As the debate over the legalisation of ganja for medical use heats up, Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Dr Andrew Wheatley has thrown down the gauntlet to his colleagues to speed up the process. Dr Wheatley told the House of Representatives that there was too much “dilly dallying” around the issue. “We have to take a conscious decision where we want to go, as it relates to medical marijuana,” he said. “It is either that we support it or we are going to just sit by and let it pass by. We have to start leading from the front because we have a crop with significant medicinal nutraceutical value, which is lying idle because we are not serious in relation to the direction in which we would like to go with medical marijuana.” (See also: Stop wasting time with Jamaica’s ganja, Canadian urges)