Britain is developing a weed café culture under the radar

Enterprising youths are providing an in-demand product that governments around the globe are regulating and taxing
The Independent (UK)
Monday, October 2, 2017

smoking pot2There is bipartisan support for cannabis legalisation among MP’s in the UK. However, the only pro-legalisation party, the Liberal Democrats, failed to increase their share of the vote this year while Labour remain opposed to legalisation although Corbyn has said he’s in favour of decriminalisation for medicinal use. There are reportedly at least six clandestine smoking hot-spots in and around the City of London and it’s a growing trend, although places like this have existed across the UK for years. Many cannabis clubs openly advertise the fact that they sell weed over-the-counter but because they do not attract any trouble, they’re often left alone by the law.