Morocco’s cannabis farmers are radically overhauling their grow methods

Today, most European consumers increasingly want and expect the famous, prize-winning modern hybrids over the traditional, earthy flavors of the past
Dope Magazine
January 2018

On a recent visit to the Rif region of Northern Morocco, we observed a dramatic and widespread evolution in cannabis cultivation techniques. We have previously reported on the rise of modern hybrid varieties in the Rif, which are rapidly outcompeting the traditional kif landrace. However, these recent developments go far beyond the introduction of new varieties, and point to a potential transformation of the entire industry. There is a clear need for the Moroccan hashish industry to evolve in response to global market pressures. The question of how successful these efforts will be has yet to be answered. But if no gains are made, it seems inevitable that the industry - and the farmers and families whose lives are inextricably entangled with it - will suffer immeasurably.