Danish police arrest 13 in tense Christiania raid

Police entered Christiania as part of a routine operation against cannabis dealing in the area
The Local (Denmark)
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Police seized a large amount of narcotics and items in a raid in the alternative enclave of Christiania in Copenhagen.Ten kilograms of hash and various other cannabis products, 3,400 joints, doping substances, knives, pepper sprays and over 80,000 kroner (10,700 euros) in cash from sales of cannabis were confiscated in the operation, while 13 people were arrested. Police carry out regular raids in an effort to restrict the cannabis trade in Christiania, an alternative enclave originally established by hippie squatters in 1971. Permanent cannabis stalls were torn down in 2016, but hash and marijuana are still sold along the Pusher Street thoroughfare.