How anti-marijuana Jeff Sessions became the best thing to happen to pot legalization

Jeff Sessions tried to fight pot legalization. Instead, he galvanized policymakers to do the opposite
USA Today (US)
Sunday, May 6, 2018

Jeff Sessions hates marijuana. He’s made that plain in multiple colorful quotes, from stating that “good people don’t smoke marijuana” to arguing that “we need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is … in fact a very real danger.” But he may also turn out to be the best thing that’s happened to the marijuana reform movement in Washington. In January, Sessions rescinded the Cole memo. Perhaps he thought that the decision would chill further reform or spread fear among the industry. Instead, his move seems to have galvanized policymakers. That same month, Vermont announced that it had legalized marijuana. Cities like Albuquerque, Savannah, Ga., and Baton Rouge are decriminalizing it. And now, we’re seeing a sea change in Washington, in both parties.