“Buy your hash somewhere else”

Christiania has closed its cannabis market and hopes to keep out the criminal gangs that profit from the billion-kroner trade
The Murmur (Denmark)
Sunday, September 4, 2016

christiania stalls removedChristiania has transformed from an alternative ‘hippie’ commune to a hub for hardened criminals. The Pusher Street was covered with military netting and the dealers sold cannabis while wearing masks and carrying weapons. But they have now been banished from the street; residents started tearing down the pusher booths, following a shooting outside Christiania. In a press release, they expressed their sympathies for the families of the injured policemen, but said they were not powerful enough to prevent the criminal community from returning. “Christiania cannot take responsibility for housing all of Denmark’s hash trade,” they wrote. “We can remove but we cannot be sure that they won’t return. If you want to support Christiania, don’t buy your hash there.”