Labour peer Charles Falconer apologises over war on drugs

Ex-lord chancellor backs group of leading politicians in call for legalisation of drugs trade
The Guardian (UK)
Monday, September 24, 2018

The former lord chancellor Charles Falconer has apologised for his role in the war on drugs, as a group of leading politicians from across the world called for the legalisation and regulation of the drugs trade. In an open letter, Lord Falconer, who served in a number of other cabinet roles under Tony Blair, said he now realised drug prohibition had been a “tragic disaster” for the poor in Britain and across the world. He challenged Jeremy Corbyn – “a radical Labour leader” – to commit to the legal regulation of drug production and supply in the next Labour manifesto. “I am sorry for supporting the war on drugs,” Falconer said in his letter, published on the UnHerd website.