Why some U.S. allies didn’t sign up for Trump’s pledge to fight drugs

Many of the non-signatories view the U.S.-led document as too narrow compared with previously agreed upon U.N. provisions on drugs and are concerned that it left out considerations about human rights
The Washington Post (US)
Monday, September 24, 2018

trump ungaPresident Trump began his week at the UN General Assembly with an event seeking to prompt action against the global drug trade. “The call is simple,” Trump said. “Reduce drug demand, cut off the supply of illicit drugs, expand treatment and strengthen international cooperation. If we take these steps together, we can save the lives of countless people in all corners of the world.” According to the State Department, 130 signed the document supporting “action on the global war against drugs”, including China and India. But there are 193 states in the United Nations. So why did 63 countries, including U.S. allies and major European nations like Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, decline to sign? (See also: Trump gets 100 countries to sign on to his UN drug war plan, ignoring changing thinking on human rights and legalization)