Globe editorial: With legal pot, Canada sets an example for other countries

Canada has positioned itself to be the leader in an industry that seems destined to grow internationally
The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Wednesday, October 17, 2018

And so, here we go. The recreational use of cannabis is now legal in Canada, making ours only the second country, after tiny Uruguay, to take a leap that is both epic and overblown. Overblown because, in one critical way, nothing will change. According to Statistics Canada, 4.9 million of us consumed $5.7-billion worth of cannabis in various forms, both medical and non-medical, in 2017. Canadians don’t need a change in the law to be encouraged to use pot. The essence of the moment is that a government has acknowledged the scope of cannabis use by its citizens, and the reality of its limited health risks, and pushed through a bold reform. That alone makes Oct. 17, 2018, a remarkable day. (See also: Canadians with past pot convictions won’t have to pay or wait to apply for a pardon)