Amidst ganja reform, concerns about growers

The Caribbean Community (Caricom) Marijuana Commission has called on the Government to decriminalise marijuana for all uses
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Spirit CottleThe St Vincent and the Grenadines Parliament is expected to approve laws establishing a medical marijuana industry in the country. The bills are expected to become law amidst concerns among three groups involved in the review of the draft legislation — growers, the Christian Council, and the parliamentary opposition — that foreign interest could benefit the most from a medicinal marijuana industry here. “As we, as growers, get into this part of the industry, I must tell you that the playing field is not a level one, because foreigners, the investors, have the money [and] the growers, they don't have lands,” said Junior “Spirit” Cottle, a long-standing advocate of reform of the island's marijuana laws. (See also: Debate of SVG’s marijuana bills postponed)