A safe fix for Bristol’s drug users and the city

Saving lives and clearing needles off the streets: Bristol has the power to become the first UK city to set up a safe consumption room
The Bristol Cable (UK)
Friday, January 25, 2019

Drugs Consumption Room in FrankfurtUnlike in Bristol, in 66 cities around the world, drug users don’t have to take their drugs in public or down an alleyway. Instead they do it in a clean, safe environment. Safe consumption rooms (SCRs) are legal medical facilities where drug users safely take their illegal substances – particularly heroin and crack – with staff on hand if they overdose. They have been found to reduce deaths, make drug use safer, and clean up the streets of public injecting and used needles. The council has done a feasibility study into whether Bristol could also become the first UK city to set up a SCR, but has delayed its review. The city’s main treatment provider, Bristol Drugs Project (BDP), has indicated to me that a SCR would reduce harm and they would support a pilot.