The fight for Cannabis Social Clubs in Belgium could mean legalization is on the horizon

The noncommercial concept of the cannabis social club is supported by a number of prominent scientists
Big Buds Magazine (US)
Thursday, September 26, 2018

Joep OomenTrekt Uw Plant (TUP), Belgium’s first cannabis social club was founded in 2006 in Antwerp. Since then, the legal status of these nonprofit, members-only clubs remains unclear. However, with the recent acquittal of a club in Namur, some 50 miles southwest of Brussels, and a possible third acquittal for the oldest club in Antwerp, this could all soon change. The Belgian authorities and police still go after the clubs in most cities, with varying results. Belgian’s cannabis social clubs are based on guidelines dating back to 2005. This guideline uses a lot of words to state that the lowest priority in the prosecution policy is given to the possession of cannabis for personal use by adults.