Activists: New ganja law a small victory

Decriminalisation will not put a stop to the black market cannabis trade and the only way to do that would be to legalise the substance
Newsday (Trinidad)
Sunday, December 22, 2019

trinidad cannabis legalizeCannabis activists in Trinidad & Tobago have praised the proclamation of legislation to decriminalise use and possession in small amounts, but said that it is only the beginning. "It is a start. Not the start we would have liked but is a start," said CEO of advocacy NGO Cannabis and You Javed Baksh. With decriminalisation people will be able to legally have cannabis at home and use it (four plants per person and under 30 grammes of flower and under five grammes of resin) but this has already been happening. "People been doing that for how many years. They get it at home and use it at home. Some have grown in their residences. I have it grown years ago." (See also: Process for ganja pardons begins | How marijuana records will be expunged)