New marijuana legislation affects illegal trade

The new amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act in Trinidad & Tobago allow citizens to possess up to 30 grammes of marijuana
Newsday (Trinidad)
Thursday, January 2, 2020

trinidad house cannabis billIt was sold on the streets and at parties. It was sold to people from all walks of life, from university students to businessmen to middle-class workers. It was sold not only in its leafy form but also in edibles like cakes, brownies, cheesecakes and the like. There have even been some stories of some marijuana dealers making home deliveries. But how has this changed since marijuana was decriminalised? Are more people buying weed? Are people buying more weed? Have the prices changed since decriminalisation? Or is it business as usual? Business Day approached – let’s call them “small businessmen” on Trinidad – who specialised in the distribution of the plant, and the word on the street is, so far, nothing has changed. But according to consultants on the law, changes will come and soon.