Growers association calls ganja industry a failed experiment

The CLA has failed, if their main achievement being heralded is the granting of a total of 60 licences up to May 2020, to perhaps no more than 25 companies and individuals in totality
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Monday, June 15, 2020

jamaica cotton ganjaThe Ganja Growers and Producers Association (GGPAJ) says despite the success of several Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) operators, Jamaica's regulated cannabis industry has failed to live up to its potential. In a statement the GGPAJ said while the 2015 legislation was progressive, the regulations are unworkable, restrictive and draconian. It said that the industry was not designed with a ground-up approach and blamed both of the major political parties for the state of affairs. It accepted culpability too, saying it has so far failed to adequately lobby on behalf of the local sector, but claimed it can still be rescued as an inclusionary income generating enterprise for thousands of Jamaicans with a new approach. (See also: Cannabis agency defends its stewardship on ganja)