'The risk is zero': Legalising cannabis in Lebanon could help solve its economic crisis

The cannabis production industry exists in Lebanon through a combination of blind eyes, backhanders, and sometimes, guns
Sky News (UK)
Wednesday, July 22, 2020

lebanon cannabis farmerLast month Lebanese President Michel Aoun signed an order paving the way for a change in the country's legislation. If the bill passes through parliament then the production of cannabis could be allowed. But for the moment, the whole plan is confused and far from concluded. To start with, the type of plant the government is proposing to be legalised is not the same variety the farmers currently sow. Perhaps more problematic though, is that it's being suggested that the law will not allow anyone who currently grows cannabis illegally to be involved in future legal production. So instead of benefiting from a change in the law, the farmers who rely on the plant for their livelihood would be out of a job. (See also: In Lebanon's Beqaa Valley, locals divided over legalisation of medical marijuana)