Expand safe supply options for people who use drugs, Ontario advocates say

'We can't get the attention and the response we need now,' Guelph's Adrienne Crowder says
CBC News (Canada)
Thursday, August 27, 2020

canada safe heroin dcrAll levels of government responded quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic, and harm reduction advocates are wondering why the same hasn't happened for the opioid crisis. "It has been so frustrating and I have often had very intense anger because there are people literally dying in our community and we can't get the attention and the response we need now," said Adrienne Crowder, manager of the Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy. "One of the things the pandemic is showing is [the different levels of government] can act together when they need to and they can do so pretty quickly when they need to," Crowder added. "I've been beside myself because of the inability to capture the attention of the decision makers."