Get premium dagga delivered to your door - legally (probably)

South Africans have a right to grow cannabis for personal use on private property - and the club has used this loophole to create the service
Cape Talk (South Africa)
Tuesday, October 6, 2020

sa C3 cannabisGrowing and smoking dagga at home or in private is legal. For now, buying and selling dagga, however, remains against the law. Cape Cannabis Club (C3) gets around this by employing professional growers who do so in a private space on behalf of members who each lease a specifically dedicated area. Members sign an agreement that allows C3 to grow “premium” dagga for them at its facility. The dagga remains the property of the member and, once grown, it’s couriered to her home. Schindlers Attorneys, a law firm in Johannesburg, scrutinised C3 to ensure legality. The firm was instrumental in the 2018 Constitutional Court case which led to the legalisation of the recreational use of dagga.