Mind Your Eye 2014

Aruba, 31 May 2014

mind-your-eye-2014_copyThis year the Mind Your Eye conference will deal with the impact the drug problem has on businesses and on security, as well with alternatives to deal with the drug problem.

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In 1998 the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the slogan "A world without drugs:we can achieve it" and after twenty five years the reality is that there are more drugs in this world, even cheaper and easier to get. It is then not a surprise that in 2011 a special committee of the United Nations, including the former General Secretary of UN Kofi Annan, published a report entitled "The war against drugs has failed".

There are many questions which are very relevant both for the private sector as for our governments. How do drugs affect the productivity of your employees? Can your business continue with drug testing the employees? Is the prohibition policy not a violation of the human rights of the consumer? Is the zero tolerance line against all drugs reasonable?

Or do we have more rational approaches of making distinction between drugs according to the harm reduction logic? Are some drugs less dangerous than other  drugs? Already in 1982 the National Academy of Sciences published a report looking for alternatives to the prohibition policy and the war on drugs which only did increase the crime rate,and the question after 30 years of that publication is if the time is now ready for change.

For those interested in promoting a more rational input in their business or in the government policy about the drug problem, this conference will be an important instrument.

Venue: Holiday Inn Resort Aruba
L.G. Smith Boulevard 113 - Palm Beach
Las Palmas Conference Room