Exploring the Land-Drugs Nexus

New York, 19-21 October 2014

Bolivian_Women_Chewing_Coca_LeavesThis conference will explore the nexus between land and drugs.


Download Conference Agenda (PDF, 127KB)

The panel of of speakers includes:

  • Dr Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch, Director, Global Drug Policy Programme, OSF, New York
  • Daniel Brombacher, Advisor, Rural Development Programme/ Alternative Development, GIZ, Berlin
  • Jorge Ríos, Head of Sustainable Livelihoods Unit, UNODC, Vienna:
  • Ricardo Vargas, Director, Acción Andina Colombia, Bogotá
  • Coletta Youngers, Senior Fellow, Washington Office on Latin America(WOLA), Washington D.C.
  • Martin Jelsma, Coordinator, Drugs and Democracy Program, Transnational Institute, Amsterdam
  • Tom Kramer, Head of South East Asia Programme, Transnational Institute, Yangon
Open Society Foundations (OSF)
224 West 57th Street
New York 10019
United States

Photo: Brad R. Huber