Ganja growers want meeting with Industry Minister, call for amnesty

Amnesty to continue for a minimum six month period to give such stakeholders the opportunity to apply, get approved and become a part of the regulated cannabis industry
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Friday, March 12, 2021

jamaica cannabis cultivationThe Ganja Growers Association Jamaica (GGPAJ) has called for a meeting the Ministry of Industry Investment & Commerce (MIIC) to discuss the issue of ganja growers, their licenses, the impending and long awaited 'Transitional Permits'. According to the association, the MIIC and the ministries of Security, Justice, Agriculture, and the Cannabis Licensing Authority, need to address the confusion surrounding Rastafari growers and herbalists who also grow herbs and other spices for sacramental, medicinal, therapeutic, and other current and historically acclaimed uses in the industry. “In the interim, the GGPAJ would want an amnesty on the destruction of all cultivations until the much promised and long awaited Transitional Permits are in place.”