In Malta, confusion over cannabis law after doctor arrested for drug dealing

Under the new legislation the possession of up to seven grams of cannabis is completely decriminalised for adults aged 18 and over
Euronews (Europe)
Thursday, March 24, 2022

Maltamalta cannabis flag has been rocked by the arrest of a local doctor, Andrew Agius, for distributing cannabis mere months after the island became the first in Europe to legalise the drug. Agius, 43, was arrested on March 10 and charged with drug trafficking for importing cannabis and selling it to his patients to relieve back pain. His lawyers have argued that the product contains a small amount of THC, the active content in cannabis, and is not a prohibited drug. The arrest has thrown into confusion Malta’s much-vaunted legalisation of cannabis, with NGOs and police unsure about what is illegal and what isn’t. On 14 December 2021, the Maltese parliament passed the controversial “Authority on the Responsible Use of Cannabis” Bill, with 36 votes in favour and 27 against.