New poll shows big jump in support for cannabis reform, especially for medicinal use

Two thirds of New Zealand voters support changing the country’s outdated cannabis law, with outright legalisation being the most popular option
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)
Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Public support for cannabis law reform has soared in the past year especially for medicinal use of cannabis, a poll commissioned by the New Zealand Drug Foundation has found. Support for personal possession and growing has increased too but there is no great appetite to commercialise cannabis by selling it from stores. Advocates of cannabis reform say the results show the laws are now out of touch with public opinion. The poll should give MPs heart as they consider a bill before the health committee to allow medicinal cannabis for pain relief in terminal conditions. The Government is planning a referendum on personal use before or at the next election. (See also: Explore New Zealanders' attitudes to cannabis | Drug Foundation head 'Current cannabis laws don't work')