Popular book on marijuana's apparent dangers is pure alarmism, experts say

Doctors and scientists criticize ‘flawed pop science’ of Tell Your Children – but author Alex Berenson stands by his claims
The Guardian (UK)
Sunday, February 17, 2019

cannabis genomeA group of 75 scholars and medical professionals have criticised a controversial book about the purported dangers of marijuana, calling it an example of “alarmism” designed to stir up public fear “based on a deeply inaccurate misreading of science”. Tell Your Children, by Alex Berenson, was released last month, arguing that proponents of marijuana use have ignored evidence that the drug’s active compound, THC, may precipitate the onset of schizophrenia and provoke acts of violence in individuals who experience a psychotic “break”. 75 scholars and clinicians signed an open letter, joining a chorus of disagreement with Berenson by arguing that “establishing marijuana as a causal link to violence at the individual level is both theoretically and empirically problematic”.